Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue Expansion (P.O)


Assemble your cabinet of advisors, choose a form of government, and earn the trust and faith of your people. Politics are here on a galactic scale in Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue!

One enormous galaxy to explore. Thousands of planets ripe for settling. Hundreds of colonies looking for leadership: you. Core Features:

Assemble your cabinet
Strategize, synergize, and hire the best people for the job! The new opening screen will let you set up your civilization by choosing who to hire from a list of provided candidates. Choosing characters that work well with your strategy will grant an important advantage against opponents.

Choose your form of government
You’ll wish you’d paid more attention in your high school government classes! Each style of governing has advantages and disadvantages. You’ll be able to choose (and research) various forms of government to determine which works best for your playstyle and strategy.

Win (or lose) elections
Get lost in the hype of election season! Certain forms of government require elections every so often. In order for you to keep gaining bonuses from your cabinet, your chosen officials will need to become elected officials. Let’s hope they don’t want to raise too many taxes...

Establish a commonwealth
Put your colonies on auto-pilot! These subject-states will do as they’re told without you having to lift a finger. The planets will be permanently allied but run by the AI, which reduces micromanagement so you can focus on other things.

Shop in the updated Galactic Bazaar
There’s always a good deal at the Bazaar! Well, maybe not always, but that’s what they’ll tell you, anyway. Mercenaries aren’t the only thing available here anymore. You’ll be able to purchase (and sell!) additional resources now - but, how steep the price gets depends entirely on how much is (or isn’t) available.

New technologies, planetary improvements, weapons, and more!
Check out a whole slew of "new!" Awesome new ship modules and devastating weapons, unique planetary improvements, and technologies designed to improve your government are packed in Intrigue. All of these new additions will require galactic resources, which is what makes the Galactic Market so important!

Keep up with current events using the Galactic News Network
In space, there is no biased reporting - that’s because we’ve hired a robot to handle it! Check the news to monitor who’s allying with who, who’s declared war on each other, and many other activities that are going on across the galaxy.
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  • Assemble your cabinet
  • Choose your form of government
  • Establish a commonwealth
  • Shop in the updated Galactic Bazaar
  • New technologies, planetary improvements, weapons, and more
  • Keep up with current events using the Galactic News Network


System requirements


  • Galactic Civilizations III