The Corporate Machine

Corporations exist in a constant state of war: Plotting to destroy their rivals, CEOs chase world domination through economic strategies less deadly but more complex than any military maneuver. Control the market, or face the prospect of buyout and bankruptcy. The Corporate Machine is a real-time economic strategy game set in one of the most ruthless environments ever created: international trade. Build your business empire, dominate the industry, and amass a fortune you'll need that private island to fully enjoy.

In The Corporate Machine, you start a company and must conquer the world. How do you do this? Simple, just spread your corporate empire throughout the world into every facet of everyday life and eliminate your competitors. Soon after, you'll be able to have a great deal of control over the political, economic, and cultural directions the world takes.

The fun part is getting there. Taking over the world isn't going to be easy. As you begin the game and choose an industry to begin your quest for domination in, there's still these pesky things called competitors who have the nerve to think that they will one day have the honor of telling the government that "it depends on what 'is' is."

The Corporate Machine comes with 3 industries - Automobiles, Computers, and Aircraft. Players start at the very dawn of this industry - the very best time for a clever company to gain a monopoly position in the market.

Each player must then decide how best to spend their money to compete in their emerging market. And in The Corporate Machine, there is no shortage of places to spend money.

The Corporate Machine
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  • Fulfill your dreams of wealth and power in three separate industries
  • Choose your specialty
  • Challenge friends over the Internet
  • Crush rivals with direct action
  • Develop your economic empire


System requirements


  • Windows 95 or newer
  • 32 MB RAM
  • DirectX compatible 8MB 16-bit High-Color video card
  • Pentium 75 MHz or higher processor
  • Hard Drive Space: 300 MB
  • DirectX compatible
  • Free Steam client
  • Free Steam client

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