FE: Legendary Heroes - Loot Pack DLC

New treasure is available to be found in this third DLC pack for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. Explore abandoned graveyards and you may find a Cursed Bell which can be rung at desperate moments in battle. Treasure chests may contain a Staff of the Serpent or a piece of Blood God armor. Design your custom sovereign with a Revenging Ring, Bunny Slippers and other new items.

•  Skath Longbow - Enchanted with the power of a Skath, it enables the Deadly Bite ability.
•  Stag Longbow - Enchanted with the speed of the stag, allowing the wielder to fire early and often.
•  Gold Shortbow - A nobleman’s bow which grants additional experience to its wielder.
•  Harridan Shortbow - This shortbow webs victims shot by it.
•  Staff of the Serpent - This petrified form of a serpent shoots poison and can summon a Naja in battle.
•  Staff of the Stag - A blessed staff with low attack but it can heal surrounding allies.
•  Shadowbolt Staff - Magical staff that fires shadowbolts that damage and reduce the spell resistance of the target.
•  Giant Lollipop - A massive lollipop with the Bash and Sugar Rush special abilities.
•  Vorpal Blade - A longsword that crits with every attack.
•  Possessed Axe - Cursed axe that strikes a random ally or enemy in range.
•  Breathstealer - Dagger that silences anyone who is hit for 3 actions.
•  Enzo's Knife - Dagger with maul that lowers its victim’s defense on each hit.

•  Dragon Teeth - Throw these teeth onto the ground to summon 3 skeletons in battle.
•  Cursed Bell - When rung all units (allies and enemies) must resist or lose their next action.
•  Scroll of Battle Cry - Using the scroll allows all of your allies to take an additional action in battle.
•  Quicksilver Potion - Potion that gives the imbiber 3 actions.
•  Bottled Wind - Uncorking this potion knocks the wielder and all adjacent units prone.
•  Scroll of Imprison - Use the scroll to trap a unit in battle for 5 actions, and they take damage on each action.
•  Scroll of Silence - Use the scroll to keep a unit from being able to cast for 3 turns.

Armor and Rings
•  Bunny Slippers - Though they don’t provide any defense, but they do grant +10 Dodge and +20 Dodge when defending. Plus they are really comfy.
•  Silver Helm - This plate helm makes the wearer Immune to Swarm.
•  Lucky Dice - Accessory that grants +5 accuracy, dodge and spell resistance.
•  Lady Umber's Boots - Armored boot that grants +25 Defense when defending.
•  Lady Umber's Cuirass - Plate cuirass that makes the wearer 30% immune to physical damage.
•  Lady Umber's Greaves - Armored greaves that make the wearer 20% immune to physical damage.
•  Lady Umber's Vambraces - Bladed gauntlets that double the damage done with critical hits.
•  Blood God Helmet - Negates all damage to the wearer from Blood God armor.
•  Blood God Cuirass - Cursed breastplate that enables the Anguish ability that does 8 damage to all surrounding units (allies and enemies) and half that to the wearer.
•  Blood God Greaves - Cursed greaves that do 2 damage to anyone striking the wearer and 1 damage to the wearer.
•  Blood God Vambraces - Cursed vambraces that do 2 damage each time the wearer strikes an enemy and 1 damage to the wearer.
•  Blood God Boots - Cursed boots that double all damage (to the wearer and enemies) done by Blood God armor.
•  Revenging Ring - Each time the wearer is struck the ring gains a charge. Release those charges to damage an opponent equal to the amount of stored charges.
•  Bishop’s Ring - Each time the wearer is struck the ring gets a charge. Release those charges to heal the user equal to the amount of stored charges.
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  • Skath Longbow
  • Stag Longbow
  • Gold Shortbow
  • Harridan Shortbow
  • Staff of the Serpent
  • Staff of the Stag
  • Shadowbolt Staff
  • Giant Lollipop
  • Vorpal Blade
  • Possessed Axe
  • Breathstealer
  • Enzo's Knife
  • Dragon Teeth
  • Cursed Bell
  • Scroll of Battle Cry
  • Quicksilver Potion
  • Bottled Wind
  • Scroll of Imprison
  • Scroll of Silence
  • Bunny Slippers
  • Silver Helm
  • Lucky Dice
  • Lady Umber's Boots
  • Lady Umber's Cuirass
  • Lady Umber's Greaves
  • Lady Umber's Vambraces
  • Blood God Helmet
  • Blood God Cuirass
  • Blood God Greaves
  • Blood God Vambraces
  • Blood God Boots
  • Revenging Ring
  • Bishop’s Ring


System requirements


  • Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / 7 / 8
  • 2.2 GHZ Dual Core or better processor
  • 2 GB Available System Memory
  • 512 MB DirectX 9.0c Compliant 3D Video Card (GeForce 6800 / Radeon X1600 or Better)
  • DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Internet connection required for activation and to play
  • Steam account and client

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