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  • Corporate Solutions

    Find simple solutions to irritating problems in the workplace.

    • Fences® 3 - $9.99

      Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts and icons!

      Buy Now Fences® 3
    • Groupy - $9.99 $4.99

      Organize multiple applications into grouped tabs on your Windows desktop!

      Buy Now Groupy
    • Keyboard Launchpad - $9.99

      Assign hot keys to launch programs, perform system commands, and more quickly and easily!

      Buy Now Keyboard Launchpad
    • ObjectDock - $4.99

      Create your own Windows task bar.

      Buy Now ObjectDock
    • SpaceMonger - $14.99

      Quickly free up storage space on PCs, shared-network and in the cloud.

      Buy Now SpaceMonger
    • Start10 - $4.99

      The first Windows 10 start menu alternative.

      Buy Now Start10
    • Start8 - $4.99

      Bring back the Windows® "Start" menu with Start8!

      Buy Now Start8
    • Tiles - $9.99

      Enable all Tiles features.

      Buy Now Tiles
  • Desktop

    Customize your PC to reflect you.

  • Object Desktop

    Experience some of our best programs in one suite.

  • Premium Themes

    Get a unique set of icons, wallpapers, buttons and more.

    • Abracadabra - $9.99

      Add a little bit of magic to your desktop with the Abracadabra suite from Stardock Design!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Abracadabra
    • Camouflage - $9.99

      Go incognito with the new Camouflage suite from Stardock Design!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Camouflage
    • Caracal - $9.99

      Stylishly sleek with its fierce visual style, the Caracal gives your desktop the ultimate look and feel!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Caracal
    • Cosmos - $9.99

      Take a step into the future of desktop themes with Cosmos!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Cosmos
    • Dragon - $9.99

      With sleek precision and stealth, this mythical creature will take over your desktop with ferocious force!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Dragon
    • Growler - $9.99

      With its vibrant color and dramatic shape, Growler will spark your senses!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Growler
    • IronWorks - $9.99

      Transform your desktop with icons, wallpaper, and a whole new visual style!

      Buy Now Premium Theme IronWorks
    • Koi - $9.99

      Buy Now Premium Theme Koi
    • Magic - $9.99

      Take an enchanting journey into a magical world with the Magic Premium Theme!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Magic
    • Music - $9.99

      Buy Now Premium Theme Music
    • Pirate - $9.99

      Ahoy, maties! Drop anchor and feast yer eyes on the beauty of the Pirate theme!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Pirate
    • Princess - $9.99

      Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what the Princess theme is made of!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Princess
    • Spring - $9.99

      The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the warmer air is rolling in, Spring is finally here!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Spring
    • Summer - $9.99

      Turn up the heat on your desktop with Summer.

      Buy Now Premium Theme Summer
    • Sunny Day - $9.99

      Light a ray of sunshine on your PC, and bring the beautiful weather indoors with the Sunny Day theme!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Sunny Day
    • Tree Frog - $9.99

      Hop around your desktop with one of our newest themes, Tree Frog.

      Buy Now Premium Theme Tree Frog
    • Vintage - $9.99

      This theme provides everything you need to transform your desktop, including icons, wallpaper and a whole new visual style that will replace the Windows user interface.

      Buy Now Premium Theme Vintage
    • Winter - $9.99

      If you love the look of a glistening sun reflecting off of freshly fallen snow, Winter will take your breath away.

      Buy Now Premium Theme Winter
    • Winter Wonderland - $9.99

      Take a stroll through a snow covered lane and see candy canes, snowmen, and twinkling lights!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Winter Wonderland
    • Xanth - $9.99

      The 3D effects of the Xanth suite will make you keep asking for more!

      Buy Now Premium Theme Xanth

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